Thursday, August 28, 2008

Very Special AWARD!!!

The Awesome and Talented Curt of Curt's World awarded me with this very special inaugural award....get this....he took this picture.....yep...not only can he make a mean stamped greeting card....he is a whiz with a camera...WOW....THANKS Curt!!!!! Curt says, there are NO STRINGS to this award....just give it to those who inspire I pick the following people or blogs that inspire me all the time on a regular basis!!!! HUGS!!!

2 Sketches 4 You
Bety's Blog
Bitten by the Bug
Cambria's Blog
Card of the Week
Curt's Blog (back atcha)
Diane's Designs
Hallmark Ladybug's Blog
Kazan's Blog
Kim Hughes' Blog
Kiyomi Krafts
Laura's Blog
Lilybean Paperie - Melissa Phillips
Mish Mash
On The Dot Creations
Regina's Blog
Sherri's Blog
Teri's Blog

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, DeeDee! You are truly a wonderful lady! :)

Sharon Caudle said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me my sweet friend! You're a huge inspiration to me too! I love how we feed off each other! Less than a week girlie!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!

Michelle Wooderson said...

DeeDee, you are just too sweet. I think I LOVE you!!! LOL! Beautiful butterfly that Curt photographed too. And that yellow heavenly slice of cake?????? OMG, that should sell for a million dollars, honestly. It's priceless!!

Regina Easter said...

wow, what a beautiful picture...thank you so much for thinking of me DeeDee......hugs...


Thank you so much DeeDee. What a special award. You also inspire ME in a huge way so make sure you keep up the good work. Lots of hugs always, T

Laura Davis said...

Oh you are sooo sweet! You are such an inspiration to me too DeeDee! Thank you:)
Wow Curt this photo is beautiful!

Melissa said...

Thank you, thank you DeeDee. You are so thoughtful and sweet. I appreciate you ao much!

Diane Noble said...

Thank you, DeeDee! You are just too sweet. I'm honored! And I love the award icon! Gorgeous picture. I'll post the link back to you ASAP. YOU ARE AN INSIRATION TO ME, and will always count you blessed for all the help you gave me when a novice blogger.

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