Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GUEST DESIGNER for HALLMARK SCRAPBOOK - Goodie Bag Topper and Gift Card Holder/Greeting Card All In One

If you're looking for the Blog Hop.....go HERE!

This week I am the Guest Designer for Hallmark Scrapbook and this little project is featured on the Hallmark Ladybug's Blog. It sure was fun to make!

Here's a little video of "how-to"...but if you'd like step by step instruction...hurry on over to the Hallmark Ladybug's Blog and see them there!

THANKS for peeking in on me today! See ya tomorrow with more card FUN! HUGS!

One last thing! I've reached 200 followers and I'd like to give away this set to celebrate, so leave a comment down below and I'll draw Friday night and announce the winner Saturday morning! GOOD LUCK!

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Suzanne said...

Hi DeeDee...Congrats on being DT for Hallmark Scrapbook this week. Your projects are sooo cute. Can't wait to try your gift card holder!!

Carole Beath said...

Woooo hooo, 200 followers. Yayyyy.

Claire said...

I really love your great Kisses Idea. A great one for a class gift! Thanks for the idea! Congratulations on 200 followers. Do I hear a whoot whoot!!

AShu93 said...

Cute little bag topper. I like how you did the holly too.

Jo said...

DeeDee, this is too cute ... I'm pretty sure I'm stealing this idea! Thanks for the little video ... I like "seeing" how something is done. And congrats on 200 followers! Way to go!!

Jo xx

Janis said...

Hi DeeDee. Your cards inspire me. I use some of your ideas when I teach a card making class for middle school students. They are loved by all. Congrats on 200....

Kristi said...

Such a cute idea. I love that you used recycled pieces of board. Great work!

Treva said...

Congrats and reaching a milestone with blog followers and being a guest desinger for Hallmark.

Lauren Ashley said...

I love your blog! Your stuff is so festive and cute!

Joy said...

Congrats on the DT this week! Love this lil topper a d card holder ..tooo cute !
xoxo Joy

Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

Very cute topper! Thanks for always sharing your great ideas!

Turnedgypsy said...

thanks deedee. i have not won anything yet, but with all these chances here, i may soon, lol.. crossing my fingers and toes for this newbie to win something.


Charlott's Creations said...

WTG. Your project is so cute. I will use the bag topper for Christmas candy bags. Congrats on the 200 followers.

beanie said...

I came here from the blog hop and so glad I did you have some amazing creations! thanks for sharing them

paperscissors said...

i have been a follower since i learned of your recycled lunchroom materials! congrats on 199 others who know a talented person after checking out your blog. i love the kisses and can see this for valentines day as well.

Chrissy said...

Love your blog and I'm so glad I found you today! I even became follower #201! Thanks for the great inspiration (I went out and bought WW cart today thanks to your inspiration!) Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Lacey said...

You are so awesome!!! I've seen your work on BBB and Hallmark and I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Congrats on 200 followers, you sure deserve it, your projects are awesome!


HazelQ said...

Congratulations on your new DT assignment :)

connie said...

congratulations on the new DT spot and for 200 followers!

Pattyjo said...

Congratulations on your 200th follower
Thanks for a chance at this set too!

Anonymous said...

All sooo beautiful! So many ideas, so little time! I think I need to quit my job! - I wish!

Sara said...

Love your blog, thanks for the chance to win!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

What a cute idea!

Jacqui said...

COngratulations on a fantastic blog. I have just found it and will follow from now on.
Love your work

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