Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Princess Thank You!

Okay, so we've made it to Thursday! Yep, Friday is just around the corner! YAY! I'm ready, how 'bout you? Whatcha gonna do this weekend? I'll be putting together 80 Prom invites! Wanna come help me? LOL!

Today I have polka dots and a princess from Making Handmade Cards. This eKit is called 'Little Princess'. It is packed with papers in several different colors and there are so many different sentiments you can use too. Please check it is a wonderful kit to have!
For those of you who are interested in the kit, sign up to get the FREE newsletter (which is where you'll get freebies and where they announce the launch of their new kits and when they become available). The link you need is HERE.
I have a little tip for's very easy and FUN too! I went to my desk, got out a brand new pencil and used the eraser to make the polka dots around the princess. I used my cats eye chalk ink, just dab the eraser on the sponge and stamp your COOL! You know, using this can have polka dots anytime, anywhere!
Thank you for stopping in to see me today! I want to say that I sure do enjoy reading your comments and emails that I get daily! What wonderful bloggy friends I have! Have a polka dotted princess kinda day! HUGS!

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I was wondering how you got that stamp right in the middle of those polka dots so perfect LOL I need to try this D - it's an awesome idea!!! TFS Hugs, T

Laura Davis said...

Super cute! I love the polka dots!

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my! What a wonderful idea to use a pencil eraser! I do believe I am going to have to try that since I LOVE polka dots! You're so danged creative girlie! Love it! thanks!! hugs!!

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Ivy said...

Goodnes, that's why I love coming to your blog...your creativity is endless!!! What an awesome idea to use a pencil for those polka dots!! I HAVE to use this one DeeDee!

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