Sunday, March 1, 2009

Viva Las Vegas Baybee!

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been a grand one!

So if you've been following my blog lately you already know that Randy and I spent a few days in Las Vegas. We normally stay on the strip when we go, but this time we decided to stay down town on Fremont Street. WOW, I'm so glad we did, we had so much FUN! We stayed at the 4 queens casino...the rooms were nice and the staff was very friendly. There was only one bad mark and maybe its just because we are getting older and don't hang out as late as we used to...but the noise level was on high way past midnight each night...not so good for sleeping...hee hee hee!
So guess what? I hugged Nicolas Cage.....well, I hugged a wax statue of Nicolas Cage...LOL!! He was standing right outside to greet us when we arrive at Madame Tussauds World Famous Wax Attraction. We had the best time ooohing and aaahing over all the figures. Some were really life like and other just didn't do justice to the real life person! Oh well!
He's quite tall isn't he? I just pretended it was the real Nicolas and smiled big for the camera! I probably would have melted if it were the real Nicolas I was hugging!
The downtown area was full of life and also full of really cool neon signs and it just felt like you had stepped back in time. We enjoyed walking up and down and taking in all the sites!
This sign was really cool and my favorite, so I got a close up shot of it!
I snapped this picture in case I scrap this little trip...I thought it would make a great front page!
This was just one tiny part of the laser light show that goes on every night, several times each night, on a huge "screen" over head and covering the Fremont street. Music along with the show is one cool thing to witness. I loved it!
A very nice lady agreed to take our picture in front of this lovely waterfall we found while walking the strip one afternoon. The water was the bluest of blues. The weather was perfect that day!
THANKS for peeking in on me today...join me tomorrow for the new Bitten By The Bug challenge. HUGS!

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Carol D said...

Hi DeeDee, looks like you and Randy had a fab time in Las Vegas. I know that feeling about getting older, the mind is willing but the body is weak,he he.

Hugs Carol x

Lana Clarke said...

Oh fab pics DeeDee and what fun it looked
Lana x

Sharon Caudle said...

Awesome pics DeeDee!!! You guys look like you had so much fun! Wish we could have joined you!!! *sigh* LOL! HUGS!!


WOW - look at you look GREAT!!!!! Glad you had a great time - our truly deserve it.
Welcome back!! Hugs, T

Jess // CLineCreations said...

Looks like you had an awesome vacation! And a wax version of Nick... just as good as the real thing!

Also, I tagged you for a little photo share game from my blog, since I figured it would be something you would have fun with! Play (or not), and hope you had a good weekend!


Carole Beath said...

DeeDee, I am so glad you shared this wonderful trip and photos with us, your fans. I loved looking at each photo and reading the story. And I almost fainted when I saw you with Nicolas Cage because I am a fan of his too. I'd hug a Wax Nicolas too.

DonnaMundinger said...

Looks like such a fun time in Vegas! Fabulous pics! Boy could I use a vacation! Lucky you! xxD

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