Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY 2009!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!! So, did you stay up and ring in the new year? We did....then we went to bed...hee hee!!!! Okay, on to this nifty little card!! It's another design from THE CUTTING CAFE'.
The 2009 border is a separate stamp from the party hat...but I decided to combine the two. I also printed the hat on some Basic Grey paper, cut it out and then added a bit of tiny ric-rac...then topped it off with a red rhinestone.
I'm having so much fun with Regina's fun printable stamps....they are just so versatile and oh so creative!!!! Wait till you see the Valentines cards I'm cookin' up!!!! Ooooooh yeah!!!

I will be creating till my little heart's content today and tomorrow.......ahhhhh days off...with can ya beat that? THANKS for dropping in to see me....thanks to all of you who leave such sweet comments...I truly appreciate them all!!!!

Guess what? I got this FABULOUS award from my bloggy friend Donna. Now, if you haven't visited her blog Popsicle Toes, you gotta get yourself over there.....WOW!!!!

Now for the rules:

List 5 addictions and  your 5 favorite bloggers


Dr Pepper (gotta have it)

Ipod (the ear buds are becoming a permanent fixture in my ears)

Crafting (need I explain!!)

Carmex (seriously, it's sad)

Coffee foo-foo (you know, Coffeemate Coconut Cream...yum!)

Favorite Bloggers:




The CLASSroom (Ellen)

Card of the Week (Susanna)

Make sure you visit these 5 lovely will be in awe of their talent and oh the fun stuff you'll find there!!

Please join me again tomorrow for more card FUN! HUGS!!!

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Cindy Haffner said...

Oh what fun, great card. Happy New Year to you.

Diane Noble said...

What cout be better than relaxing with a cup of coffee and scrolling through your delicious designs. You are incredibly productive, talented, fun and I'm so glad you are my sweet friend on this New Year's Day! {{{HUGS}}}

Regina Easter said...

cute cute cute cute...boy you sure can make the simpliest things look cute cute ya and thanks for the award....

Jeannie Phillips said...

As you already know...I so so love your work... I left you an award on my blog.,

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Congratulations on your award DeeDee!! I love your New Year's card! Happy New Year!!

Bella and Aidees Mom said...

Congrats!!!! my sweet friend...Those colors are so cute...Just love them...A simple card goes a long way when it is created by (DeeDee)!!!!!!You r so awesome...Happy New Year DeeDee so glad I can call you my friend!!!!!!...Hugs, Krista

Sharon Caudle said...

Gosh girlie, this is so simple and so danged cute! I love this GREAT card!!! And thanks for the award my sweet friend! I'm honored and humbled that you gave it to me! You're SO talented! Love ya lots!

Michele Kovack said...

Love this card!!! Happy New YEar to you!

Unknown said...

how fun is your list DeeDee :) I love French Vanilla creamer but I think I will give the coconut a try because I looooove coconut :)
Happy New Year my Friend

Anonymous said...

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