Friday, December 26, 2008

How About a Gift Holder Tutorial?

Happy Friday!!!  I hope your Christmas was wonderful!!!  Ours sure was!!!
Okay, don't kill me...but here's ANOTHER money card!!! LOL!!  This one is a bit different though and I have a tutorial for you on how to make it!!  I found the original idea HERE and then made up my own pattern on how to make it.
You can use this one as any of the others I have made this holiday season for any occasion...all you have to do is change the papers and embellishments accordingly.  The Merry Christmas stamp is from Cornish Heritage Farms...the set is called "Christmas Expressions".
I used some of my new Hobby Lobby Christmas paper stack I received for Christmas to make these.  They are such cute designs and look all rustic and distressed...which I LOVE!!!
I will be using this gift holder design over and over's perfect for money, check, gift certificate or gift cards.
I started with a 6 1/2" X 6 1/2" envelope....I suppose you could use any size and revise the measurements to apply to what size you have.  NOTICE...I have moved the left hand edge of the envelope over to the 1/4" mark on my want to make your center score line at 3 1/4".  **Not to be confusing, but if you zoom in on my picture, you will see the score line rests on the 3 1/2" mark (that is because I have moved the left envelope edge over to the 1/4" mark).**
Now, open the flap up and cut along the score line just down to the flap fold line and seal the left hand side closed.  It should look like the above picture now. The right hand pocket you've just created will be the "gift" holder part of your card.
OPTIONAL: I made a little notch on the right hand side (pocket where the money goes) by using my Stampin' Up notch punch.  Normally it leaves the notch intact, but I put the top of the punch just above  the edge of the paper and cut,  which causes it to be completely removed from the envelope.....creating the notch.
Now, cut two (2) 6 1/4" X 3" and one (1) 5" X 3" pieces of designer paper to decorate your card with.
One long piece is for the front and one is for the left inside.  The short piece is for the right inside.  Now all you have to do is decorate it the way you want to and you have one cute little "gift" holder.
These two cards were made for my nephews......they are 13 and 9 and LOVE to receive money so they can buy stuff!!! LOL!!  I used a couple of printable circle stamps from THE CUTTING CAFE' to help keep my cards closed.  Just add a bit of adhesive under the lower edge of the circle and then they are easy to open and close.

Well, that's about all for today.  Thanks for whirling by to see me today!!!  Please join me tomorrow for more card FUN!!!  HUGS!!!

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martita said...

I like it so much and what's more it looks easy to make... I'll try it! :) tkank's for showing how to create such a holder :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

CUTE! They're both wonderful!!

Smita said...

I loved this gift holder, and the fact that it does not really involve any complicated cutting measurements. :-) I am waiting to try my hands on whatever standard sized enveloped I can lay my hands on. :-) Thank you DeeDee for being such an inspiration to me always!!!


mickeydee said...

I love this! A great tutorial, so easy to follow. I have to make some of these now! Thanks!

Nikki said...

That is awesome!!! Thanks for the tutorial! I finally got a Scor-Pal last week!!!!!!!! I'm going to have make one of these money holders. :)
Hugs, Nikki
PS - love those new papers you got too.

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh how cool is this??!!! LOVE this D!! And that paper is ADORABLE!!!! Love them!!!! HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

This is really a cute idea and very easy to understand tutorial. Thank you for sharing it!

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