Sunday, November 9, 2008

Make A Child Smile Organization

Happy Sunday!!! I bet you're thinking...A Pink Owl? The reason I made it pink is because my bloggy friend Mish put out a challenge for her readers to make some cards for some kiddos with life threatening illnesses who need a pick me up. I picked 3 girls. Here's what Mish said on her blog:

The Make A Child Smile Organization is a wonderful website that features such children. You can learn about the children, their illnesses and find a few kids featured each month. Or you can print off the entire list of kids and make it a goal to send a card to each child this holiday season. You can see a list of all the current kids HERE, where you'll find their name, age, state, type of illness and a photo. Please take a moment to visit this wonderful website and to learn more about these courageous kids.
I wanted to make some cute happy cards that would maybe cheer them up for a I made all my cards in PINK!!! Girls like pink and who wouldn't want to open up an envelope with a cute tree on it to find a pink owl inside!!!!!
Oh and BLING....yes this owl has got the bling going on! Her feathers are all dolled up with tiny rhinestones....even her eyelashes have bling too!!! I used my new Cricut WILD CARD cartridge to make this card and the envelope easy.....and so FUN!!! Yes, this pink owl is STYLIN'!!!! Okay, now...Mish wanted to get 40 readers on her list (and she did)...but I'm quite sure I don't have that many I'm gonna start out by asking 10 of you to join can send 1 or 20 cards....there is no set amount....just say you'll send some and I'll add you to my list. It'll make you and the child you send to feel really good!!! Well, that's it for me...I gotta get some more projects I'll see you tomorrow with my Bitten By The Bug Challenge's a FUN one!!! HUGS!!!!
MACS List of Angels:
1. Me
2. Kathy M.
3. Dianne S.
4. Heather and her Jr. Girl Scout Troop (YAY girls)
5. Tee
6. Bellabug
*****Momism #9*****
"I'm Not Just Talking To Hear My Own Voice."
{But every once in a while, especially in families of four or more, moms talk just to hear themselves think.}

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This is way to adorable DeeDee!!!! I love the matching envelope. Hugs, T

Catherine said...

he's the cutest pink owl i've ever seen :)

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh this is soooooo cute!!!! She's going to love it DeeDee!!! I know I sure do!

Nikki said...

So very pretty!

Curt in Indy said...

Thanks for sharing this information! What a great website! And you participating with this sweet card is so, well, sweet! Best, Curt

Anonymous said...

That owl is too sweet! I love her feather bling!

Anonymous said...

This is a gorgeous Pink Owl! Thank you so much for providing the information and link. This will be on of our many Service Projects for my Junior Troop this year...
I will help you send cards!

Let me correct that, My Junior Girl Scout Troop and I will help you!

My Cards