Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.....Almost!

Happy Saturday everyone!!! Sorry I'm late posting today....but I've been up since 5am and pushing full steam ahead ever since!!! First I have a Thanksgiving card for your viewing pleasure...LOL!!! It's another fun card from the Wild Card's a tall skinny card with a window peeking into the inside.
The envelope has a leaf on the flap and the little leaves on the inside are the icon from this set....this is a very neat card and envelope. Every piece you see here is part of the set. Another easy, fun card in no time flat!
The paper is Basic Grey and of course I used lots of cats eye chalk ink to give all the bits and pieces some detail. Won't someone be pleasantly surprised when this little cutie arrives in their mailbox? I sure hope so!!!
This is my deer hunter giving his cheesy smile because he didn't want me to take his picture.....but he tolerates me and lets me anyways!!!! He loves hunting as much I love making cards!! That Grizzly Adams look he has going on there is an every year occurrence starting about the first of September.....I HATE it....but I go along with it because I love him VERY much!!!
Ask he walked off down to the back pasture to hunt....his dogs see him and "raise cain" until he turns around and yells for them to hush......and then there was silence.....they love him and want to go with him.....but 6 English Pointers makes for BAD deer hunting!!! LOL!!!
There he goes.....walking off into the brush to see if he can get "The Big One"....he says he saw a monster (buck) down there and he wants him!!!!! He left this morning with a bunch of his buddies to go to Kansas for a pheasant hunting trip....that's why I was up at 5am on Saturday morning!!! He will be back on Wednesday evening and I already miss him!!!! That's it for me...I'm off to my table to create something "card like"!! See you tomorrow with a Christmas goodie from the Cutting Cafe'. HUGS!!!
*****Momism #15*****
"When You're The Mother Then You Can Be The Boss."
{Normally used in response to an adolescent girl's snappy comeback. "You're not the boss of me!" this ism gently reminds the little bundle of hormones that only after one endures nine months of pregnancy and several hours of painful labor (after one is married, mind you) will one truly deserve the title boss.

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Regina Easter said...

wow, so tell me do you all eat what he hunts..your card is oh so awesome....what a special hubby you all make a perfect couple..


This card is beautiful and you are right it's ALMOST Thanksgiving - YAY!!!! It's so good that hubby has his hobby. I agree with R, you make a perfect couple!!! Hugs, T

Curt in Indy said...

This is wonderful DeeDee! I love the leaf motiff! Perfect card for the holiday! Best, Curt

DonnaMundinger said...

Beautiful card DeeDee! I still have Leah's WC cart. Maybe I can make one of these today. I used to call my DH Grizzly Adams when he kept his beard longer. I love beards. Had never seen my DH without one until he shaved it off to be Tina Turner for Halloween a few years back. Couldn't wait 'til it grew back. LOL xxD

Sharon Caudle said...

BYE RANDY!!!! Have fun and be safe!!! :) DeeDee, you are doing so many awesome things with this wild card cart!!! I must pull mine back out! You're amazing!!! This is beautiful!

Bella and Aidees Mom said...

I agree with the previous post..You two are so cute....You are so amazing Deedee..Talented, Sweet, just to name a couple of words that come to my mind...Krista

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