Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!! These are my boys in 1999, Justin was a camo guy and Jake was a scarecrow. CUTE huh? I made their candy bags for them....they loved them because they held LOTS of candy!!!! The figures on the fronts glowed in the dark.....I still have them!!! *wink*
Here they are again in 1998 along with my nephew Kyle....Justin was a vampire, Jake was a dead lawyer....don't ask me why....but that's what he wanted to be???!?!?!?!!!! His "briefcase" says, "J.W. Campbell Attorney at Law" that was his idea too!?!??!!!??? LOL!!! Oh and of course Kyle was Tweety Bird.
So on to my last Halloween project.....look familiar???? LOL!!! It's another nut cup only done up for Halloween!!!
I got this cute little kitty popping out of a pumpkin at WM last year after Halloween....CHEAP!!! It was a whole set of the cutest 3-D stickers.
This is the flag which I used a Melissa Frances sicker that came in my Halloween Kit from Sweetarts Paperie. I added some fibers and it looked all Halloweeny!!!
The paper I used for the nut cup is Cosmo Cricket Halloween from this year...yummy double sided papers!!!!!
I filled it with Hershey miniatures and kisses and took it to work and put it on my desk to decorate my office a bit!!! Only thing is.....I can't stay out of the candies!!! LOL!!!!
Well, now that my boys are 20 and 17 they don't dress up and go Trick or Treating anymore so Jake is gonna go help his Nannie hand out candy at her house tonight.....I'm gonna stay home and make cards......imagine that!!!! LOL!!! What are you doing for Halloween tonight....I wanna hear all the spooky details!!!! Have a wonderful Halloween and I'll be back tomorrow with something cute for you to look at!!! HUGS!!!!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY FRIEND!!!! Every day I look forward to coming to your blog........I absolutely LOVE those pictures of the kids!!!!! I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween!!! Hugs, T

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Boo! Happy Halloween! Love the photos of your boys on previous Halloweens! The dead lawyer cracked me up! Your Halloween nut cup is FANTASTIC! Wow! I love it!

shelly said...

happy halloween deedee!
great lil nutcup decoration! thanks for sharing your pics..your kids are very imaginative.. got their mommas creative gene didnt they!
for halloween... were staying home im making cards and playing catch up on blogs :) have a great day! shelly

Leah said...

Happy Halloween! Happy Harvest! Dee Dee... you asked for spooky details...hmmmm, I guess I have to try and come up with something good rofl. Just kidding...I guess what's spooky in itself is where my house is located... it's in the middle of a cemetary. Seriously... check out my blog and you'll see. For tonight I took our son to the church we started attending for their trunk or treat...they had cars parked out front and decorated in their favorite book. They were really neat ... our son was gravitating toward a mini van that was made up to look like Thomas The Tank Engine. Our son was dressed as Thomas, he's in it on my blog also. Then from there we went to another church for their Harvest Party...then came home.

michelle said...

happy halloween !! love the pic's of the boys !! and i love your nut cup it really is fantastic !!oh yes and that turkey is darling !!

Regina Easter said...

oh my goodnes, what a cute box deedee, well i just got back from trick or teating..the kids had so much fun and got loads of candy....gotta go check it all out....i am sure it is safe, but you know how us mommies can be....hugs

Diane Noble said...

Oh, I love this project! WOW...lots of details, girlfriend! You are a real pro on the Cricut. I just must use mine more. Can't believe how versatile that Paper Doll one is....hmmmmmm....may have to have!

BTW, the boys are a crack-up! Time flies, doesn't it?

Carole Beath said...

Holy Cow, girl.... oops, Great Pumpkin...that nut cup dressed up for Halloween is the cutest thing everrrrr. I love it so much.And I loved seeing those photographs of your sons in yesteryear garbs. Love your blog, DeeDee...

Laura Davis said...

Wow! your work is so amazing DeeDee!

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