Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good Morning!!! it's COLD is 37 degrees right now and we will only get up to the high 60s today...its our first cold front of the season and it came in like a lion!!!! So, I have Halloween for you again today....I keep switching back and forth on you don't I? LOL!!!
Just for fun, I made up a silly little back story to go along with my card today.....I thought the background paper looked like a book shelf or something with all these little creatures sitting on it....and I thought hmmmm...THIS little pumpkin is gonna use the spell book to change himself back into the groundskeeper who put a spell on himself last year when he was only supposed to be getting the fertilizer from the basement...not reading the old witch's spell book OUT LOUD....DUH!!!! LOL....just a little silly humor to go with my card!!!! LOL!!!
I originally cut out the skull that was on this paper for another project and I didn't want to waste the remaining I stamped my sentiment on an orange piece of paper and placed it behind to peek through the was a tight fit but I think its kind of interesting that way!!! LOL!!!
This is a challenge card that I did for the Hallmark Scrapbook weekly message board should come join us....we have lots of fun over there!!! The challenge this time was to use the spell book from Paper Doll Dress Up.....this was a fun challenge as they all are!!! Well that's it for now....I gotta go warm up my coffee and tweak up the heat a bit......have a wonderfully yummy day and I'll be back tomorrow with more fun stuff!!! HUGS!!!!

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I really LOVE this card D. The book tuned out AWESOME. Have a great day!!! Hugs, T

6 wacky women said...

What a great card,DeeDee. I just love Halloween!
Take care

Bella and Aidees Mom said...

I love this...The book is awesome...Krista

Curt in Indy said...

I love how you get in the mood for all of this DeeDee. You are a pure pleasure! This card is adorable as is the story that went with it! Brought a smile to my face! Getting cold here too! Best, Curt

Sherri said...

Great card.......I love the face on the pumpkin! I actually love all your cards!!!!!

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