Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a Weekend We Had in Reno!!!!

Here we are....Jody, Me and Sherri!! Jody is my sweet friend and owner of Hallmark Scrapbook and Sherri is my sweet friend and fellow LadyBug Design team member over at Hallmark. We had a blast finally getting to meet in person!! Sherri, Randy and Nicki (Sherri's daughter) were such gracious hosts and Jody and Brad (Jody's hubby) are sweeter in person than I ever could have dreamed!!! Regina Easter our sweet and talented fellow designer was wanting to meet up with us too, but she had too much other stuff going on....we missed you Regina!!! We all had dinner together on Friday night, then Saturday morning we all got up early and went to the hot air balloon races...after that we headed to Virginia City and WOW, what fun that was....it was like stepping back in time...Saturday night Sherri's hubby, Randy made the most scrumptious meal for all of us....he's quite the chef I must say!!! Sunday Sherri and I went shopping to almost every LSS in Reno.....so much fun...and again Sunday night, Randy whipped up an awesome meal for us!!! Then reality hit and we were back on a plane Monday morning!!! I had a wonderful time with my sweet friends...I sure hope we can do it again sometime....it was a trip to remember. Here are a few more pictures I wanted to share with you:

THANKS for stopping by today.....have a wonderful day!!! HUGS!!!

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Sharon Caudle said...

Oh girl!!!It was SUCH a fun time DeeDee! It was great to actually get a hug instead of just saying "hugs"!! :) You and Randy are two of the SWEETEST people in the world! You're both awesome and I only wish we were neighbors instead of there being so many miles between us. I had an absolute blast with you guys! Thanks for coming to visit and I hope you come back really soon and do it all again! There's still lots more for you to see and do! Love ya bunches my sweet friend!!

Curt in Indy said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! So glad you did! Thanks for sharing the pics, the hot air balloons are beautiful. So glad you are back! Best, Curt

Sandra Smart said...

The balloons are all so pretty, how fun it must have been to be there and see them in person!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

What FUN! I saw pics on Sharon's blog too! How awesome that you were all able to get together!

The balloons are so amazing! What a cool pic!

Carole Beath said...

Fantastic and wonderful trip with memories for a lifetime. The excitment of meeting someone you have grown close to over the miles is a fantastic thing.

Ivy said...

DeeDee that looked like so much fun!! It's always so nice to get to meet people in person! Especially those who you have grown to care for so much! what a blast!

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