Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Love RED!!!!!

You may already know that....but I really do love catches my attention weather it's a car, a piece of clothing, shoes, purse, ribbon, paper or even a button!!! If it's red I love it!!!!
Nancy Turnbaugh, my sweet friend and fellow designer over at Hallmark Scrapbook sent me this GIANT clothes pin. I decided to decorate it with my favorite color...RED!!!! Now all I need it the perfect picture to display in it!!
I used some red felt, red pom-poms, red pearls, a red safety pin, red paper, red (and white) ribbon, a few red yo-yos and then I threw in a dash of green ric-rac for the flower's stem and some green felt for the leaf. And then for added interest I added a pewter butterfly charm! This was really fun to decorate...THANKS Nancy!!!

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Bella and Aidees Mom said...

This is very unique..Love it..Krista

Ivy said...

Just like you is my favorite color and you have done a great job decorating this clothespin! Those yo-yo's are too cute!

Nikki said...

That is so cool! I agree with Krista it's very unique!

jcscraphappy said...

Love it the red is great!!!

Danielle Flanders said...

Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous! I LOVE red too!! It's my favorite color. I can't believe we both used pom pom trim on the bottom...hee hee, great minds think alike, eh? =)

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