Wednesday, March 5, 2008

YAY! I got an AWARD!!!

I was given this award by my sweet friend Enfys......WOW, Thank You Enfys......I feel very honored for you to think of me when handing out awards!!!! I really enjoy visiting Enfys' blog every's always such a treat when I arrive!!!! Okay, I now have to nominate 10 people whose blogs inspire me to receive the award......GOSH, let's see, hmmmmm....there are so we are:











These are blogs I MUST look at EVERY day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you ladies for all your inspirations!!!! Please visit each and every one of these blogs and you too will be inspired!!!! Thanks for peeking in today!!!!

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Diane Noble said...

Well, THANK YOU very much. What fun to be part of a mutual admiration just made MY day! You are a sweetheart AND so creative and fun. Just love YOU and YOUR ART and YOUR GENEROSITY! Thanks, friend!

Regina Easter said...

oh DeeDee you have got to be one of the nicest TALENTED girls I know...thank you so much for the award...i will upload it to my site next week...I am in a hurry...leaving to go out of town tomorrow....(smile)


WOW - thank you so much for this wonderful surprise. You are always putting a smile on my face. Thank you for being such an amazing friend. I will add this to my blog now right under the other one you gave me. Love ya lots, T

Carole Beath said...

Woweee, I got an Award from you AND from Enfys. I am doing the big happy dance for sure. I am in such wonderful company on this Award.
Thank you thank you thank you, DeeDee.

Laura Davis said...

Awwww Thanks DeeDee!!! Your the best!. This is twice in two days that I got this award:) I feel so honored:) I will post my award tomorrow!
Thanks again

Rima said...

Congrats on your award DeeDee, I have only recently started looking at all these wonderful blogs & I have finally come across yours (via Caroles.

Great stuff & I'll back regularly & I will check those sites you nominated, well the ones I don't already live at haha

Have a great day

Laura Davis said...

Right back at you babe! I couldn't leave you out! You
certianly made my day!:)
Go check out my blog:)

Sharon Caudle said...

Thank you very much DeeDee!!! You are SUCH a wonderful friend and an amazing artist!! You make me smile every single day and you're very dear to my heart. Thank you for just being YOU!!! Love ya bunches! :)

Sharon Caudle said...

Hey girl! I retagged you! LOL! Don't feel obligated to nominate another 10. But I had to tag you back. :) Love ya!

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