Sunday, December 16, 2007

Can you keep a Secret?

This is the SMILE tile.....I made this one for my Mama.

This is the LAUGH tile......I made this one for my Daddy and Step Mom.

This is the IF ONLY tile I made for my MIL.

This is the SWEET GIRLS tile I made for my Sister.

This is the BROTHERS tile I made for my Brother and his wife.
These are the four Altered Ceramic Tiles I made for Christmas gifts this year.....I learned this craft back in the summer and knew then these would make excellent Christmas gifts for my family. To make them you will need an 8" x 10" ceramic tile, a 7 1/2" photo easel, a favorite photo, coordinting papers and embellishments...just like you would use for a scrapbook page....thanks for stopping by to look!!!!

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Crayola58 said...

Fantastic project........I used to tole paint on tiles. Now I plan to scrapbook on them. I have a bunch. who knew...?? This tile scrapbook present is just THE neatest thing.

Diane Noble said...

This are fabulous! What a great idea. Tiles make it more substantial for display. Cool! They're gonna love these!

What do you use for adhesive when attaching directly to the tile? Anything special?

Sharon Caudle said...

Amazing, absolutely amazing! I love them and so will everyone else!!! Who wouldn't adore getting these as a gift! And the pics of Justin and Jake are simply adorable!! Beautiful work as always DeeDee!!

Enfys said...

Wow DeeDee. I had time tonight to trawl through your older posts, and found these, they are works of art. They must all have been so thrilled with them. What a fab gift.

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